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Pet Dental Cleaning

Pet Dental Cleaning

Good oral hygiene leads to long term benefits for your pet's overall health

Breslau Animal Hospital in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario offers veterinary dental cleaning services

Your pets oral health and hygiene is a very important aspect of their overall health. Gum disease is unfortunately all too common in animals by the age of 3. Without proper dental care your pet can develop gingivitis and further oral diseases such as loss of teeth and periodontitis.

Early detection and frequent cleaning are key preventive measures and to help keep your pet's oral and overall health as positive as possible. Breslau Animal Hospital in the Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario area offers professional veterinary dental cleaning services.

Veterinary dental cleaning will begin with an oral exam of your cat or dog's mouth so that our veterinary dentist can diagnose your pet's dental condition and offer advice for home care that can benefit your pet's oral health. Then, we will run some tests such as blood work to identify any potential issues we need to be aware of and to determine if your pet can undergo anesthesia.

The aspect of anesthesia is often what worries pet owners the most, however under proper protocols anesthesia is very safe. Ask us about our protocols! Anesthesia will improve the safety of the procedure and allow your pet to recover more quickly and with less pain. Under anesthesia is where the in depth dental cleaning will begin, without any pain or discomfort to your pet.

This includes:
- A total oral exam and x-rays to check for problems under the gum line. Painful problems such as broken teeth or roots, gum disease, abscesses, infected or dead teeth can be diagnosed with the help of x-rays.

- A complete cleaning under the gum line where gum disease may occur. Under the gum line is where the bacteria that sparks gum diseases resides. We would not be able to do this cleaning on an awake cat or dog.

- Scaling and polishing of your pet's visible teeth, which remove the plaque buildup and tartar. Polishing leaves the surface smooth and acts as a preventative measure for bacteria attaching to the tooth surface.

Once the procedures are done, and your pet has recovered, they will be able to go home. Unless additional procedures have been done, your pet can return to eating and normal activities. We will give you a full report of findings and recommendations for home care!

Trust the experts at Breslau Animal Hospital in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario to take the best care of your pet, and provide excellent pet dental cleaning services. For more information, call or visit Breslau Animal Hospital today!

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Last Updated On: August 18, 2017
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