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Pet Deworming

Pet Deworming

Protect your pet from intestinal worms this season with deworming services from Breslau Animal Hospital

Breslau Animal Hospital in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario offers pet deworming services

Is your dog social, i.e. goes to dog parks, doggy day care, boarding facilities? Do you have small children at home? Do you take your pet south for the cold winter months? Do you live in the countryside, where wildlife roam, i.e. raccoons, coyotes, etc.?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your pet is at risk of becoming infected with intestinal worms and you should be deworming your dog through the winter months. Winter deworming helps prevent the presence of unwanted parasites that put your pet and your family at risk.
Dogs become infected by butt sniffing, nose contact with soil, ingestion of feces from other animals or prey.

Please call Breslau Animal Hospital in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario for more information about deworming your pet or come in to pick up your over-winter deworming medication. No test or appointment is necessary.

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Last Updated On: May 31, 2016
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