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Pet Nutritional Counselling

Pet Nutritional Counselling

Meet all of your pet's nutritional requirements with our nutritional counselling services

Breslau Animal Hospital in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario offers pet nutritional counselling to pet owners

If you have a healthy pet, in most cases you may have chosen pet food for them based on if they will eat it, or based on the cost factor. However, not all pet foods are equal and feeding the right amount to your pet is not as simple as just following the directions on the pet food package. The directions on your pet food package is just a guideline, as pet nutrition requirements vary depending on the breed, age and health status of your pet.

Aging animals have very different pet nutrition requirements compared to young and growing kittens or puppies. An animal diet that boasts to work for all life stages is not one of our recommendations. When making decisions regarding your pet's nutrition, you should alway consult with a veterinarian.

At Breslau Animal Hospital, the goal of our pet nutritional counselling service is to give your pet the ideal food to promote a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously prolonging their life. Making the choice to feed your pet with a complete and balanced diet will provide proper nutritional support during their everyday lives as well as during critical illness.

For more information on our pet nutritional counselling and recommendations for the right animal diet for your pet, please contact Breslau Animal Hospital of Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario. We serve Kitchener and Waterloo, as well as the surrounding areas.

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Last Updated On: May 29, 2017
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